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Quality Apprenticeships

Recognising leading employers in apprenticeships.

Developed by the Global Apprenticeship Network (GAN) Australia in collaboration with international partners, the Quality Apprenticeships accreditation system has been designed by experts in apprenticeships using the International Labour Organization (ILO) Recommendation for quality apprenticeships.

Employers can be confident that the requirements of accreditation are based on international quality frameworks while being customised to the context of their country.

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Benefits of becoming accredited

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Enhanced reputation

Enhances an employer's reputation and credibility in the industry. It serves as a signal to potential apprentices, customers and partners that the employer is committed to quality apprenticeships. This can lead to increased trust, business opportunities and a competitive advantage in the market.

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Attracting talent

Demonstrates an employer's commitment to investing in apprentice and staff development and providing a supportive work environment. This can help attract top talent who seek opportunities for growth and advancement. Accreditation also promotes employee satisfaction and loyalty, leading to improved retention rates.

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Access to resources & feedback

Access resources that explain how to meet each requirement and receive direct feedback on your apprenticeship programs. This helps continual improvement in the quality of your apprenticeships.

Quality Apprenticeships accreditation is designed to acknowledge best practice in the employment of apprentices. Based on international quality frameworks, this accreditation allows businesses to highlight the positive impacts of their apprenticeship programs and encourages continued improvement against the five accreditation principles.

Employers must meet minimum requirements to become accredited, providing evidence of their commitment to quality apprenticeships. Accreditation rewards positive and proactive behaviours and commitments.

This is not a regulatory process and should not be used to replace regulation of employment or apprenticeship systems.

How it works


Find your country to register

Visit your country partner to register and download the User Guide for your region to help you prepare.


Complete the application

Complete your application for accreditation and answer any feedback requests from your country administrators.


Get certified

Once you are accredited you will receive your certificate of accreditation and can use your country accreditation logo.

More about becoming accredited
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Country accreditation partners

Visit a partner to start your accreditation journey